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Regional School of Fire Safety (ERSI)

The Regional School of Fire Safety, created in 1964 in Douala (Cameroon), is a bilingual school (French and English).

More than 45 years later, she has forged a proven experience in her field of expertise through a qualitative leap that allows her to successfully carry out her missions in an ever-changing environment.

A leader in airport fire safety training in Africa, a status that has earned it ICAO recognition, the school provides:

Initial trainings

-aerodrome firefighters,
-technicians (team leaders)
-and senior technicians (section heads).

Ongoing trainings

-of trainers,
-of the brigade leaders,
-Maintenance Mechanics of Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles and Equipment (ILS),
-recycling of aerodrome firefighters,
-familiarization of city firefighters,
-of civil protection

Specific trainings

-in fire safety in favour of aeronautical structures in non-member States
-fire fighting, first aid and swimming techniques for private companies

A unique centre of excellence in Africa, ERSI offers training that meets ICAO’s requirements,


-practical teaching with full-scale simulation methods
-state-of-the-art teaching materials
-quality coaching by experienced professionals

Contact ERSI, PO Box 13095 Douala | Tel +237 33 37 23 87 | Email : ersi@camnet.cm

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