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ICAO USAP-CMA Audit, Guinea has multiply its 15-year-old score by 5

On Thursday, February 16, the General Management of the Guinean Civil Aviation Authority (AGAC) organized a meeting with the main actors of the civil aviation security system of the Republic of Guinea, with the aim of presenting the preliminary results of the latest report of the USAP-CMA audit conducted by ICAO.

This audit was conducted from 14 to 23 November 2022, and its objective was to assess the compliance of the Guinean civil aviation with the security standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The meeting brought together several representatives, including those of AGAC, COSSA, SOGEAC, SICASS, PAF, Customs, SOMCAG, STAR OIL and representatives of airlines such as Air France and Mauritania.

The Director of Security and Facilitation of AGAC introduced his presentation by recalling the context of the ICAO USAP-CMA audit and presented the results of the audit of the eight critical elements of the security oversight system. It was concluded at the end of his presentation that Guinea’s aviation security score has increased significantly, reaching the African average of 50% on the sustainability aspects, Annex 17 compliance and Annex 9 security aspects. This created a sense of joy among all participants, given that this score had remained at 10% for 15 years.

Before closing the meeting, the participants congratulated AGAC for this significant improvement and urged it to continue to redouble its efforts to maintain and improve this score in a sustainable manner.

Source: AGAC

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