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Ghana : Joramco Academy reaches agreement with Aerojet Aviation to establish training academy

Joramco Academy, the aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul school operated by the leading independent MRO provider Joramco, has entered into an agreement to support the establishment of Aerojet Aviation Training Academy, the first of its kind institution to offer advanced studies in Aircraft Maintenance in Ghana and the Sub Region. Joramco Acadmey was established in 2007 to provide comprehensive aircraft maintenance training courses. Based at the Joramco site in Amman, it stands apart by providing real-world insights into day-to-day operations at a world-class MRO. It offers internationally valid qualifications, which…

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Entrance exam to the Ecole Nationale d’Enseignement de l’Aéronautique et de la Météorologie (ENEAM) in Madagascar on 16 December.

ENEAM or Ecole Nationale d’Enseignement de l’Aéronautique et de la Météorologie offers high-level training over three cycles, namely: the Professional Pilot Cycle, the Operational Technical Officer Cycle, and the Meteorological Cycle. Records to be provided :• one (01) handwritten request addressed to the Director General of ENEAM;• one (01) birth certificate issued less than one year,• one (01) Criminal Record Extract (Bulletin #3) issued less than three months ago;• Two (02) stamped envelopes at the candidate’s address;• one (01) certified true copy of the baccalaureate diploma or transcript;• one (01) payment…

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Regional School of Fire Safety (ERSI)

The Regional School of Fire Safety, created in 1964 in Douala (Cameroon), is a bilingual school (French and English). More than 45 years later, she has forged a proven experience in her field of expertise through a qualitative leap that allows her to successfully carry out her missions in an ever-changing environment. A leader in airport fire safety training in Africa, a status that has earned it ICAO recognition, the school provides: Initial trainings -aerodrome firefighters,-technicians (team leaders)-and senior technicians (section heads). Ongoing trainings -of trainers,-of the brigade leaders,-Maintenance Mechanics…

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