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Aviation pioneer: Abbas Ibn Firnas, the first man to fly.

Abu al-Qasim Abbas ibn Firnas ibn Wirdas al-Takurini, in short Abbas ibn Firnas (810-887), is a multi-talented genius of Berber origin born in Izn-Rand Onda, in al-Andalus (present Ronda, in Spain) who lived in the Emirate of Cordoba. Inventor, engineer, doctor, astrologer, poet, musician, he is recognized in the field of aviation as the first man to fly. When he was 70 years old (in 875) he materialized one of his inventions: wooden wings covered with a silk suit and equipped with birds of prey feathers. He tries it by throwing…

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Feature Once upon a time 

Once upon a time, Air Afrique part-1

Air Afrique is the name given to several African airlines created between 1926 and 1961. The first airline, AIR AFRIQUE, was founded in 1926 and later became Transafrican in 1928. On May 11th, 1934, another company called Régie Air Afrique was created, on the initiative of the French state. Its objective was to rationalize the operation of the airlines of the French colonies of Africa. The first flight took place on 7 September 1934 with the inauguration of a postal line between Algiers and Niamey. Very quickly, other lines were added and it…

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